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Wendy Batterbee

Wendy Batterbee

Principal of Park Ridge Primary School

Dr Batterbee has recently been tasked with managing a satellite school modelled on our school's mission, vision and morals and values. She is a strong but kind leader and always makes time for her staff to listen and to advice and to assist in any which way she can. She leads by example and never expects anyone to do something she is not willing to do herself. What she says, does and believe is exhibited in all her actions and interactions with parents, staff and pupils. She sticks to the principles she sets for herself and adhere to policy. She manages calmly when chaos ensues and is always a rolemodel for everyone who has contact with her. She helps and assist people with personal problems but always quietly and confidential. She is an amazign person and she is one of the main reasons why coming to work is such a pleaseure.

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