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Mam’ Ntumie  Manqina

Mam’ Ntumie Manqina


We celebrate and thank Mam’Ntumie Manqina who were testing and screening thousands of our beneficiaries daily during lockdown!

On a Daily basis, Mam’ Ntumie Manqina go beyond the call of duty to serve patients. This rings even more true during this Covid-19 pandemic. She is risking her live each and every day to help combat the spread of coronavirus and yet she continues to be gracious and smile through it all.

Mam’ Ntumie Manqina. A 71 Year old qualified nurse works under the SPF #MentorMomProgramme. This programme seeks to empower new mothers and pregnant women with support and care for the first 1000 days of their children’s lives. This is achieved by providing mothers from disadvantaged communities with vitamins, eggs, parenting advice and various other essential support needed in motherhood.
She keeps shining in all departments and always are ready to assist where beneficiaries are in need.

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