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Illona Bernice Simons

Illona Bernice Simons

Sport Co-Ordinator

Ilona is a sport co ordinator at a school by day and a super hero by night. Her and he wife Tashai also a teacher by day and hero by night started Phoenix Sport academy in Broadlands western cape, a safe place for at risk youth to come in school holidays and enjoy sports activities, a meal and other gifts like clothing and school supplies. Then Covid hit and all such activities had to stop. Rather than curl up and watch their dream die they followed their own mottos, "Together we Rise" and started a feeding scheme on Broadlands. getting together people from the community and from all over Cape Town, to donate, cook and hand out heathy warm meals weekly, sometimes until just before curfew and with their own money. They did it and never gave up on the dreams and hopes of showing these wonderful little ones that there is Hope. Illona grew up in Broadlands and firmly believes if she could make something of herself anyone can, no on needs to be a victim of their circumstance as long as someone believes in them enough to believe in themselves. she is a bright shinning beacon in a bay of sadness for many. she is a beacon of hope and happiness to many. She is affectionally know as Smiley to many who know here because she always has a smile on her face, she is wonderful and positive and everything a hero should be and more. Both Illona and Tasha Simons are heros to the comminuty and anyone who has the blessing of knowing them.

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