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Thami Ndwandwe

Thami Ndwandwe


Black Child Foundation.

Black Child Foundation is a Non-profit organization, which caters different services for prominently under privileged communities. They do awareness programs and their initial aim is to inspire the youth. They also have a boot camp around Newcastle were they accommodate students and provide them with meals in the morning and help them with the registration process.

For the past three years, Black Child Foundation has made sure it is active in humanitarianism and social relief. The objective has never been to seek appraisal but to try and offer much needed relief to those, in priority; most in need. Activities 'expected' from organisations include, awareness programmes, health, or development (Kasi2Kasi Colour Run); also minding that an NGO level of operation indicates the scale at which an organization works: local, regional, national, or international; in our case (local and regional).

They assist Community members who struggle with certain social issues/public justice issues) have always been welcomed, which we then further step in and provide assistance; and if we can't assist, we then escalate the issue brought forward to the next person who can take the matter up.

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