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Thokozile Miya

Thokozile Miya

Youth Leader

I believe this South African Woman has been a hero to the nation for the following reason/s:
Thokozile P. Miya is a phenomenal women, a woman of grace, a woman of fortitude and a woman who is not afraid to experiment but at the core of her being, at the drumbeat of her heart, she is a woman who inspires women. Thokozile P. Miya would be a worthy recipient of the Fabulous Woman of the Year Award, the Pull Her Up (Sisterhood) Award, and or of the Humanitarian Award.
A woman who does good for other women with no incentive involved. A renegade soldier-sister for the upliftment and advancement of girls. She is a giver – she gives with her whole heart and soul and mind. A die hard feminist, a humanitarian, a women’s rights and an advocate for the rights of girls from all around the world – especially from the kasi. This young woman has dedicated the entire length and span of her career as a female professional to the advancement of women and girls from all around the world, From South Africa and the USA.
Empowering women through technology by teaching them code, acquiring tech jobs and tech-startup internships for post-matric school leavers and unemployed youth from the township, bootstrapping school material through her own funds and running exciting mentorship projects and programmes for young woman. Her work with high school girls in Cape Town is entirely out of the goodness of her heart. She bears and earns no reward for the work she does and relies entirely on her good charm and spirit to continue making money for her organisations to continue to flourish. Thokozile truly embodies a humanitarian and all round Fabulous Woman. She would be a worthy recipient of a Fabulous Woman award and this nomination goes to say thank you to her for the hard work that she does. To let her know that there are people watching and that we salute her for her hard work. I nominate her for her selfless courage as a young woman, not only for her patient dedication but for her selfless love of her mentee high-school girls.
As the current Programme Director at Girlhype NPC, working in her field of qualifications as a journalist, media and marketing coordinator and following in her passion of opening up her own business, Thokozile P. Miya is growing from strength to strength as a young woman but nothing she has ever done has she done alone and she gives a lot of credit.
She has a team of supportive mentors, women in business and female networks which look out for her and her students at Girlhype ( ). She goes out of her way to make sure that they have nothing but the best. This April she gave away donated matric dance dresses to young women from Khayelitsha Townships and Mitchelles Plain Cape Flats because she believes that every young woman

deserves a chance at life and at attending their school leaving ceremony. A kind and naturally spirited mentor and mentee who always has the next generation of girls at heart.
The dresses were donated by the women of BriteHouse to Girlhype Fairy Code Mother Project and are part of an ongoing series of donation activities organized by Thoko planned to go on throughout the year.
With her mom Baratang Miya, Thoko has helped to train 1000’s of young women in technology. Teaching them how to code in HTML, CSS and C++ (building websites) and in JavaScript, PHP, React, (teaching them how to build mobile applications, websites and games) and empowering them with the new, unique and innovative technologies and opportunities which are present in today’s world. This young woman believes that with the 4th industrial revolution technology is the future of the world and that if not enough is done to ensure that this technology revolution includes women and girls, there will be no future for our generations of girls within the technology industrializing world. Her work is really selfless.
Thokozile lives for the advancement of women all around the world. Making sure that every young woman she meets is put in contact with a mentor in industry and that each and every one of them walks the path in life which allows for them to be at their very greatest.
Thokozile is a mentor, a friend and companion to 100’s of young women from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain areas in Cape Town South Africa, teaching them how to code but also providing the young girls with what she has dubbed the experience of learning. In many of her talks she talks about being educated and self-educated from being a rebel youth and how when she found out the power of technology she was very interested. When she started working she saw that not many of the girls around her had access to understanding what work is and eventually came to realize that learning has got to be experiential.
This is at the core of what she advocates for in an experiential learning tech based curriculum. Travelling to schools during the week teaching coding classes. Speaking to principals and business women to make sure that the next generation of girls is well looked after. Thokozile really works with and mentors many young girls through life and her efforts are without recognition or attempt. She, is a very poised young lady
A unique opportunity presents itself as a female from a previously disadvantaged background having educated herself. A rebel for change and an advocate for women’s rights. Thoko provides the next generation of women and girls with the tools and accessories they need in order for them to be able to reach their full potential and she is great because she provides them this opportunity in every sphere of their lives.
The class room is a personal environment to her. Really – she is a role model to them. She holds them all to high regard and hope to allow them all to grow and become the people they want to be through me and through the other women around me. She hopes to be able to bridge the gap for every young woman to be able to be her absolute best self in every way that she can be, despite her circumstances. I

think her hope for every young woman to be able to grow and become a success is highly commendable.
I believe that every young woman should have the chance to have their work looked towards and that there is a lot of potential for there to be mentorship and opportunity of young women in technology – through mentorship and skills. Thoko believes in creating a life beyond their wildest dreams and that’s the wonderful thing about her, why I am nominating her. She is passionate.
Please consider this young woman for the award. She is really brilliant at what she does.

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