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Joseph Sellidon

Joseph Sellidon


Joseph Sellidon is a 67 year old pensioner (state) who believes in honoring of people who made a difference in their communities. Four years ago he started out by honoring 4 great musicians in the community of back in the day by names of:
Dr Winston Pienaar, Billy Paulson, Ezra Delport (now residing in USA) and Dawn Petersen.
When Billy got a chance to deliver a word of thanks, He said:"This is such a great honor as I have been in the Gospel arena for 40 years and it is the First time I am being honored for the part I played and still am"

In 2018 the launch of J.O.G together with the unveiling of the Sammy Witbooi Lifetime Achievement was done. Once again the legendary Sammy Witbooi's wife was honored, while she said: Never did she think anybody remembered her husband and all the work he put in.

In 2019 he honored 12 recipients in different categories and what a beautiful event it was.

Due to Covid-19, this years event has been postponed to 2021 God willing.

Apart from this amazing project, Joseph is also a Community Worker and help several people with different situations in the community he currently lives in by handing out food parcels(again out of his pocket) and other community issues.

Joseph is determined to go ahead amidst the challenges of No government support or any other business re sponsorship or funding. He believes honoring is Biblical and nothing will stop in his pursuit in honoring forerunners in the community

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