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Lungile Maboe

Lungile Maboe

Managing Director at Positive Vibrations

Lungile Maboe Managing Director At Positive Vibrations programmes: an after-school programme headed by oral history teacher Lungile Maboe currently has 85 children between the ages of 5 and 15, predominantly girls who attend 6 days a week after school and during school holidays.

The aim of this programme is to teach the history of Africa, the South African Constitution through a sub project called #IamConstitution; African leadership; national symbols and preservation of the environment through oral history and poetry performance to the youth at grassroots level.

Positive Vibrations Arts Foundation of Hope for the girls.
she saw a need for emancipating young girls and educate them about their history as Africans and introducing them to a positive lifestyle and norms, to capacitate and grow them mentally and physically.

The biggest challenge that they are facing with this programme is funding and sustaining the programme, which is limiting their exposure to platforms where they can showcase the children’s talents as well as sufficient resources; costumes; administrative needs as well as making people aware that such a programme exists.

“This programme encourages black children to be proud of their identity, their history as Africans and for Positive Vibrations to deliver quality black education to children all over South African townships.

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