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Faith Matlala

Faith Matlala

Petrol attendant

My biological father rejected me when I wasn't even born. At that time faith was just only 15 years of age in 1994 and was also a school girl. Coming from a poor background, she was then forced to leave school for a work the following year after my birth. She went to work in a farm named sabiqwe in limpopo. She worked there until I was aged 7. She then went to Gauteng to look for a job as petrol attendant. Still no sign of my biological father. She met my stepfather. In 2014 she was very happy when I passed my matric and she took me to college in Pretoria where I couldn't finish my studies because she was battling to pay for my rent. Now I am so disheartened that I cant provide for her after such hard story. I work at a creche where I earn a little R2500, I am unable to repay her for all her hard working and sacrifice that she made. And that woman is my mother. I wish to win this prize just to thank her for what she did really with the hope of finding a job so that she can stay home.

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