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Anita  Mgidi

Anita Mgidi

Nominated Hero

My hero is my mom what a remarkable person she cares so much especially children she helps Teenagers to reach their dreams , she applies for bursaries and schools , she collects toiletries and give boys and girls in our area . She helps people with food and would even give her last money for food . My mom lost her job but she has not stopped assisting people on daily basis she gives sanitary towels to girls who come knocking here at home . I admire her strength and caring ways . She is strong and never gives up in her I have find a mentor and someone I can proudly call her my hero and my own Superwoman . I pray she wins this competition as I know she will use it well . My fees have not been paid this year and she tries so much to make sure I am in school and I know she is doing her best to pay the fees

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