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Bongumusa  Mkhize

Bongumusa Mkhize

Executive Chairman

Bongumusa Mkhize, is highly motivated and has worked tirelessly to see his career flourish from the humble beginning of a herd boy to Power Utility management level of well and it has proven as humbling and nurturing experience of his life. Bongumusa is a self motivated, artistic with a great heart for his community. He was born at uMsinga, rural KZN in a village known as Elenge.

At the age of five, Bongumusa started schooling at Ebuhlebemfundo Primary School and after finishing Grade 7, he went to study Grade 8 at Maweni High School. There he had to walk more than 10 km per day and in the subsequent year, a new high school was opened closer to his home about 6km. He studied Grade 9 there until completion at Nkonza High School.

He then went on to study Electrical Engineering at Central Johannesburg College for a year but then decided to complete his qualification at Mangosuthu University of Technology with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current). As part of his requirement to complete the qualification, he served as a volunteer for a year at Spoornet in Durban.

Bongumusa also holds a Degree in Project Management from Central University of Technology, Certificate in Management Development Programme (MDP) from University of Stellenbosch, Certificate in Advance Project Management from UNISA School of Business Leadership.

Within his focus, Bongumusa have continued his vision of community development as he has given to various cause in society. Bongumusa has given back to local schools with uniforms, cosmetics and sanitary packs to underprivileged children. He has also given his time and resources into bringing about peace and unity through sports within and around the uMsinga community through his responsibility as Chairperson of Ilenge Football Association(

Bongumusa recently surprised the community by proposing a unique initiative that has a potential to heal many souls of South Africans if supported properly. This initiative is purely meant to fight against all the ills of the past that have been evident in the areas of Msinga through the various wars that took place. The project is about remembrance of fallen heroes of Amakhosi, Heritage, restoration and healing of the wounds of the past.

Bongumusa, has proposed initiatives that will respond to the tribal wars of Msinga that left our community divided and the Family-Unit structure disintegrated because of the Tribal, Clan, Factional or Ward-Wars and Conflicts that negatively affected the tourism, economic and social growth in the area.

Bongumusa has established a Peace- Building Organisation using Sports and Culture as a common unifying factor to make a societal-call to people and organisations with the same progressive and visionary and unifying thinking to work together in ensuring sustainable socio- economic growth of Msinga. He is using it as a vehicle as a Non-Partisan and Apolitical NPO Structure which has been established with the vision of bringing about peace, unity and economic growth through sports and culture.

There is a Peace Monument that is set to be built next year and plans to have a peace walk annually to commemorate what the community has went through. I think what he is doing is unique and deserve to be recognized as it will inspire many people worldwide.

The initiative shows values of humanity, and it is rooted in the call of duty and inspired by the love of peace. The Initiative aims to relieve the suffering of the poor, the destitute and the marginalised, and to promote peace, understanding and goodwill amongst people of all walks of life.

He is very optimistic about the future of the people of uMsinga and believes that his community has a good story to tell that South Africa is ready to listen to.

Please help me recognise this individual for his great work using his time and resources.

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