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Lulama  Maseti

Lulama Maseti


During covid19 lots of people lost their jobs and some of them was difficult for them to get piece jobs as that they usually do bt Lulama Maseti started a soup kitchen which is called now Lulama Maseti Covid19 Soup Kitchen Support Group. This lady is not working but she started to ask donations from the Foreign shops but could not get enough,but she never gave up she started cooking for needy people and started with few people. As the time goes by she had to feed more than 50 then she started asking donations around. Now she is cooking using donations 4 more than 300 people. What I like about her she has a good heart n enjoyed cooking for needy people. People in my community are very proud of her and I am also as her sister, she is doing a great job in our community.

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