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Tina  Smith

Tina Smith

Special Needs centre Manageress

Tina is the most outstanding HERO I know. She is the Manageress at Careways in Kloof, Durban. A special needs centre for adults with mental impairments
She goes way beyond the call of duty to make sure the 50 odd Members we have at the centres in Kloof and Kwandengezi excel in everything they tackle. She spends hours putting art and educational projects together for them to do...will painstakingly makes sure each Member puts their personal stamp on it.
She also organizes fundraising events to keep the centers opens that gets no Govt funding
She visits those who are in hospital and will spend lots of time with them to perk them up.
She organizes outings and camps for them to have fun and push past personal limits.
She works long hours putside her normal working hours to make Careways a happy place for all.
In my eyes she deserves to be in the Museum of Heroes

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