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Nomcebo Yaka

Nomcebo Yaka

Standard Bank Group

"A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."-Zeus, Hercules and my hero Nomcebo Yaka is the what that quote exactly talks about.

She started became a mother and sister to a lot of people in the community of Tembisa when she started the "HOPE TO INIFINITY" organization. Her organization caters for unprivileged youth of Tembisa with daily meals, uniform and schools. The organization also manages to help young girls with sanitary pads and other essentials. In May, she mothered a newly born baby who had just lost her mother who passed away few weeks after giving birth. Her organization (HTI) managed to nurse the child and because of her heroic actions, the child will feel more than welcomed in the community and strive to be the best she ca be without feeling any void in her heart.

It is great heroes like Nomcebo who help us see that despite the fact that most odds are against us, we can still be great people.

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