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Zewande Bhengu

Zewande Bhengu

Actor, Poet, filmmaker

Zewande is an artist, a poet and an actor who lives in Johannesburg. His poetry works touched many young people lives in Bizana where he grew up. He often comes back and hosts writing workshops for school kids and teaches them how to write poetry and be better in their arts. He also hosts shows for them and help them be better performers. The most incredible thing about him is that for the last 4/5, he has chooses 10 high school students and pays their school fees for that year around Bizana. He buys school uniform and books for some children. He has worked with Nablibali before to tell children stories in pre-school and grade 1 leaners. He has tried to get support from the local municipality but i don't believe he has gotten it. He is very quiet about his contribution to his community and i think he deserves all the praise he can get because he is changing young people's lives for the better. I don't have all his contact details but i am sure you can find him on social media and google.

Thank you.

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