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Bheki Abey Maseko

Bheki Abey Maseko

NPO Coordinator

Mr B, is a 32yrs old loving & caring young man, he is a volunteer for Khomanani Katlehong home Base Care based in Twala Section, Katlehong. we are able to feed our families today because of him, since this lockdown his been hustling to feed more than 150+ families/households and making sure our elder citizens and orphans are well taken care off, he is always on the edge to get sponsors to better our community, we have our youth working in local clinics because of him and Mrs Sarah Tladi which is the founder of KKHBC, as young as he is he worries about the next persons well being and health 24/7 without getting a single cent from the organization as it doesn't have funds to pay him at the moment, but makes sure that we the staff of 7 have stipends/food parcels every month four our families. it breaks my heart to find him tearing when things don't come together at times, Bheki Maseko is our hero, the hero of Katlehong community and surroundings. KKHBC and Katlehong Community is blessed to have him as his always making an effort to change someones life for the better. he is a real game changer.

NB: We love and appreciate you Mr B. you are a child, our child however a better Boss by far, not just a boss but a better Leader and a loving an intelligent one at it.

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