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Thembani Nyathi

Thembani Nyathi


A student perusing an LLB degree, a model, beautiful, kind hearted, bold and courageous! The founder of A Helping Hand organization, the organization helps provide necessities to the less privileged, the organization operates in a small scale because it has no sponsors yet and the hero is still a student and financially unstable. What she does is buy food parcels and toiletries to specific families, those small things that she does make a difference into those people's lives, sometimes, she visits old grannies that stay alone to check up on them and just keep them company. She has a heart of giving, she advocates to eliminate poverty and believes that if those that are privileged can stand into soliderity, put together what they have and help those that are without then no one can go to sleep with an empty stomach. The world would be a better place if we can have people like her.

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