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My hero is Bokamoso, who is a student in Sol Plaatje University and she is only 23 years old from Taung in North West

I consider her as hero to many people in south Africa not only in my community

In 2018 she have started her Pads drive campaign which not only based in my community but but between North West and Northern Cape and its still running even today

In from 2017 she started collecting baby clothes and sharing them amost single parents in the rural areas of Northern cape and North West which i saw it have changed the lifes of many women

Bokamoso have traveled between this two provinces motivating and talking to young people about depression

She is Vaalter Fm Ambassador and that have made our community radio to regain the number of listeners it has lost during the past years

In Sol Plaatje University she has started a Midsit Meditation which is there to change the life of many students who has depression and those who can't handle pressure during exams

Because of her skin colour she was bullied and discriminated during her childhood so that motivated her to start a campaign of Black Pride, which was motivated by Steve Biko so now she is using her campaign to motivate young people to love theirs skin color and respect who they are.

So this year she had a goal of assisting student with applying for different universities/colleges and also for bursaries, which up to so far she have helped about 60 students.

Beside her being a hard worker she is a very happy person i guess thats what inspires her to make other people happy too. Talking to her can be so prodoctive most of the time and she always has a solution to every little thing and she very positive about everything

So all her hard work keeps me motivated and inspired because of that i consider her as a Hero ✊

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