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Dawn  Hoffman

Dawn Hoffman

Family Counseling Psychologist

Doctor Dawn is a caring women who loves everyone in her community. She serves them with passion. She assist people with clothes and food on the weekly basis. Community of Munsieville and surroundings appreciate her for all the hard work. Since COVID pandemic in South Africa a lot of people lost jobs and income. And she has been a bale to feed more than 400 homes by getting food and clothes from different suppliers. I just want to recognize her as our hero for Krugersdorp. She doesn’t even help with food but she is a Doctor by profession as well. She assist men and women struggling with different issues e.g drugs, marriage, abuse. She has helped a lot of people around South Africa. She prays for people in need. I will like her to be nominated for all her hard work and passion for people she does in our community. She is a strong trustworthy women. She doesn’t discriminate which race you from. She helps everyone in need.

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