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Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy  Rakumakoe

Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe


DR Rakumakoe belongs to the LGBTIQ (Lesbain, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) Community and she is the CEO of Quad Care Medical Centre. When she witnessed one doctor helping people inside his car she decided that she wants to take health care directly to the community. Her company, Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH), offers accessible and affordable healthcare in low- to middle-income areas through establishing integrated health centres in areas where they are most needed. I refer to her as our Queer Warrior she took upon herself to provide LGBTIQ community healthcare service that respects their dignity and allows them to be themselves and healthcare that surpasses homophobic attitudes, where LGBTIQ community will be treated with Love, care and kindness. She also plays a big role in LGBTIQ small business as a mentor and also supporting LGBTIQ businesses by providing advice, refer or even using services .

She is indeed our Hero and she recently won Santam Woman of the Future.

Dulcy "as she is commonly known" has taken LGBTIQ community Healthcare to another level, so now anyone can afford quality healthcare.

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