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Mosa Mphore

Mosa Mphore

Founder/CEO Open Eye Foundation

Mosa Mphore is my Hero because he is the only person who educates South Africans on the importance of healthy lifestyle, Organ donation and the benefits of it. He has done a number of projects that engages the community on a mental and physical level. Some of his great projects include the 80/80 walk for organ donation in South Africa, he walks 80 kms every year to raise awareness and to ask communities to become organ donors .

Other projects include donating and delivery of Albany bread during the covid 19 pandemic. Mosa and his team together with the help of Tiger Brands managed to donate over 1000 loafs of bread to help all families deal with the lockdown pandemic.

He is loved by all in the community and he loves helping people using cutting edge ideas. He is brilliant.

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