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Melany  Andrews

Melany Andrews

Self employed

Melany Andrews.

Thank you. That seems so small to say to someone so largely impactful in our lives.I wish We could say more, but I know you wouldn't mind if We didn't even say that. You are a humble person with the world's biggest heart and undeniable mental strength. You have become not only an inspiration to me, but truly my hero.

You're not like the heroes I've always known from my books or shows growing up. No, you're a real-life hero. That doesn't always mean you have to be on television for doing something remarkable because what you do still changes and helps lives. You are still someone who makes a difference.

You may just be an everyday person, doing what you love. You may consider yourself to be lucky to be able to help the world in the ways you do. But I know that we're lucky to have someone like you. I know that you are truly the definition of what a hero is and should always be.

A hero doesn't have to have a cape and save terrified people from burning buildings, though I know you probably would if you could. Heroes simply have to make the world a better place even if that's only by one person's life. I am that one person that you've become a hero to and here's why.

1. Women & Girls Changemakers SA

In 2019 you created a platform (NPO) that has brought women and young girls of the community together. Since then there has been active participation in community activities by women and also creating a safe platform to have a voice within the community

2. Dignity box drive & school shoes

In the beginning of the 2020 year Melany partnered with standard bank to donate over 100 pairs of school shoes. As part of women & a girls 30 young girls have been supported on a monthly basis with a dignity box consisting of sanitary items.

3. Food parcels & veggie gardens

During the lockdown period Melany and co partnered with tiger brands to put together food parcels that were donated to over 100 in need homes in her community. Together they built boxes for veggie gardens maintained by kids of the community who also have been thought about sustainability and good health and well being.

4. Geluksdal Dance Academy

In 2014 Melany started the Geluksdal Dance academy where she created employment by taking on members of the community to be trained dance teachers. She had over 50 kids at the Academy with the aim of allowing kids to explore their creative side and reduce idle time and be productive.

5. United Nations Goals

Currently the drive behind Geluksdal dance academy and women & girls changemakers sa is the United Nations Goals which Melany is driving with the main aim at improving the lives of the community and growth.

6. I am now a better me because of you.

With everything I've mentioned and the many things I'm sure I've forgotten to include, We do appreciate all that you've done to get us this far.I don't know where I'd stand if I didn't have a hero like you. Through all your generosity, kindness and impactful efforts.You inspire, you care, you are the person I'm lucky to know.truly a one in a million mentor.So once again, thank you - I'll spend a lifetime cherishing the hero I've found inside you.

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