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Elizabeth  Ratopola

Elizabeth Ratopola


She runs the children’s ministry for the AFM church alongside hosting afternoon study group for the children at her school. She teaches at an underprivileged school in a village deep in Serare, Tzaneen, Limpopo. The school didn’t have proper building but she managed to gather sponsorship for the school to get running tap water and more classrooms. The school was at the verge of being closed due to underperformance but she helped get it extended that it now has a highschool and they would’ve had their first matric dance this year but got disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic. . They were all happy. She runs a feeding school for the pupils, host academic camps for pupils who don’t have conducive studying environments and managed to procure tablets to help their computer skills. School knocks off at 2pm but she gets home around 5:30pm and she is the last person to leave the school premises.

I believe she is an inspiration and motivation for many. From nothing to something ❤️❤️

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