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Amanda Solomon

Amanda Solomon

Managing Director of H18 Foundation

Amanda is my daughter, she has been managing H18 Foundation since 2016, ensuring growth and sustainability for the NPO without the constant need for hand-out funding.
Her unwavering energy and drive to provide work and income for the unemployed Women of Joe Slovo Park in Milnerton, has ensured an income for more than 150 women since inception.
As Covid began she pivoted the NPO to ensure work and income for some of the team, by making and selling masks, and worked tirelessly during a very scary period to provide food parcels for the balance of the team.
This grew and resulted in weekly food parcels for 95 families.
Since the economy has opened up H18 Foundation has returned to its core offerings, teaching women craft skills, including crochet and sewing, ensuring a sales stream to provide orders, providing the materials and a safe space to work (where the ladies can bring their children) and purchasing the products back from the ladies.
Her dream is to grow the NPO, open a small ECD for the children to have a strong grounding in preparation for school, upskill the ladies so that they can run and manage the NPO alongside her, and all of this within an environmentally sustainable work space.
Amanda is a phenomenal woman, she gives all her energy to H18 Foundation with a deep love for the Women, and an even deeper love for their children. Her drive and passion is palpable, as she insists that every human has a spark inside that makes them special and encourages the women, despite their dire circumstances, to hold their heads up high and show the world that they are strong, capable and significant.

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