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Pearl  Vava

Pearl Vava


Pearl Vava, my mom is my hero, unemployed as she is both my younger sister and myself never felt we needed anything more, she’s been through everything with us, shares her life experiences with us and what she wishes we never go through. My mom goes the extra mile, best at every thing, she’s more of a friend to me, my best friend, I feel like it’s important for parents to be welcoming, to allow their children to speak freely, ask about anything and get the very best advice in return. We never never lacked anything as my moms children, she also raised her 3 sisters children, her sisters died when she was still in school, my mom raised the kids as hers, and she has never made them feel she’s not their biological mother but my moms is just there as a mom for everyone one of us and the one thing Iv learnt from her is love, giving love, caring for others, and appreciating the little we have and most of all to never compare ourselves to other kids but be grateful for all we have. I thank god for keeping my mom and I pray god blesses her with many more years to come so I show her how much I love her.

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