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Tracey Leigh  Williams

Tracey Leigh Williams

Community activist

I met Tracey while working at my current NPO....she was always visible and vocal in the community but I had never spoken directly to her...when I did get the chance to chat to her I found her to be very passionate and involved with her community work which she grew to love as a child due to her parents doing exactly the same...Tracey has helped abused and vulnerable women, young girls that were put out of their homes, girls who were also abused physically or sexually, taught them skills and assisting most of them with employment over the years...Her NPO runs Soley on donations and sponsors and is not government funded at all...Tracey is also a single mum of 3 boys, and a caregiver to her frail mum of 84 years of age who has been diagnosed with dimentia and renal failure...she has been a champion for her community during the pandemic because while most feeding schemes began and fell away , Wentworth Angels is still continuing to fees the community on an almost regular basis and the kids love her...When they see her blue van, they scream to her from the pavement: 'Aunty Tracey ! What you got for us!!'Her blue van can be seen in the early morning and most times late in the evening, trying to assist pensioners with a good parcel, or even transporting needy individual to the emergency Dept at the hospital..She always has a smile on her face and her commitment, passion, love and patience always radiants when she is doing what she loves the most!!!

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