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Bronwen Jones

Bronwen Jones

Nominated Hero

Bronwen has helped burned children in Africa every day for the past 25 years. She adopted two severely-burned children, seeing one of them through more than 40 operations in South Africa and internationally, to rebuild her. She goes out to burning squatter camps and brings home children and even dogs, in need of sanctuary from the flames. She stands up against corrupt or lazy social workers and demands that they do better for the children that they are meant to serve. She takes food to the homeless, and fresh flowers to pensioners living in shacks. Bronwen fights for the rights of disabled and disfigured children, to have normal lives and the best surgery possible. She is the bravest, kindest, person that I know. 500 burned children have better lives because of her and thousands of squatter camp residents have had food, blankets, clothes, books, toys, after they have lost everything in a blaze. There is no person in South Africa who has a better understanding of how a burned child's life can regain a positive trajectory. Bronwen mentors medical students, township youth, international volunteers. She says her kids are her heroes but she has led by example. She is unpaid.

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