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Variza Roopa

Variza Roopa


Variza was my mentor from the day I met her as my educator & supervisor at dental school. She was a young, dynamic, intelligent woman who guided me through the challenges of dental school even then, showing me her passion to teach and inspire and educate even then.
She currently does the most unique and inspiring work through an NGO she created in order to push her initiatives on the largest scale. Something she was already doing, now helping as many as it can! BE KIND FOUNDATION is exactly what it says it is. A charitable organization collecting food, clothes and companionship for those who are struggling in ways that break my heart. She does this with the greatest of ease while being a business women, dentist of the highest standard, and a self-growth inspiration for anyone challenged by life by finding natural and spiritual growth!
Some of her initiatives that have left me in awe have been mainly surrounding the most important subject in my opinion in our times. GENDER BASED VIOLENCE! Teaching free Krav Maga classes to ensure self protection which is sadly needed, raising money for many pepper sprays to improve self-protection, and even collecting products for rape-victims to receive care packages to give them the most dignified experience following their trauma which sadly even happens. She is ensuring help prior to violence, during the unfortunate violence and following. Her mentoring to young students both dentally and in Wits business school using her MBA and various degrees to educate rather than think of herself...she is an inspiration!!
She is about to begin another masters degree in emergency care and public health. Everything she her to give back and grow others!! Selfless, beautiful, real, current healer for all of us to see!
This ho our would not only show her her work is doing great things and being noticed, but would give her BE KIND FOUNDATION even greater platforms to be seen and do greater things. Something that she would see from this rather than the gratitude it should give her.
That is why she deserves this! To grow her visions...and better our world!!!

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